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Unfortunately I do not have the time to update this page on a regular basis. I will say that we are out there actively showing and if you want to know all the details, feel free to friend me on Facebook (! There are a lot more recent updates there.

Remainer of 2016

I have been very remiss at updating this page for the remainder of 2016. Needless to say we have had a great year - we finished the two dogs we started (Throne & Karma) and had a great trip to Calgary to attend the Alberta Kennel Club Summer Classic at the end of July.  As we sit at the end of October, we are officially finished showing for the year and are making plans for some (hopefully) winter litters so that we will have some new babies to show next year. Stay tuned for updates on our Puppies & Available Dogs page!

Group V Dog Club of BC - Chilliwack, BC (April 8, 2016)

Both Throne and Karma showed in the Toy Specialty on April 8th. Throne did very well taking Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best Puppy under toy specialist Ms. Carol Graham. Karma exceeded all expectations winning Best Baby Puppy in Specialty! The beautiful rosette is three times as big as she is and I was very proud of this great win.

Renaissance Dog Association - Chilliwack, BC (April 8-10, 1016)

Throne had an excellent weekend at the Renaissance Dog Association shows in Chilliwack. He took Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best Puppy on Saturday to finish his championship in just 5 short days of showing. He also took Best Puppy in Toy Group on the Friday and had fun showing with the big dogs in the Best Puppy in Show ring. I couldn't be more proud of my little man and how quickly he finished his title. His first day in the ring as a special on Sunday and he was Best of Breed/Best Puppy to pick up his first Grand Champion points. He will now stay home to mature a bit before heading back into the ring in the summer.

Oceanside Kennel Club - Chilliwack, BC (March 25-27, 2016)

Recovering after a fabulous weekend at the Oceanside Kennel Club! Pinup's Throne For The Clouds ("Throne") made his ring debut at 9 months old and what a debut it was! Day 1 we showed under respected judge Mr. David Swartwood and Throne won Best of Breed, Best of Winners and Best Puppy from the Bred-By class over specials. On day 2 he repeated this performance under South African judge Lois Wilson. Day 3 was almost as good with Throne going Best of Winners, Best Puppy and Best Bred-By. Three majors and three days later, Throne just needs a couple of singles to finish. Hopefully he will be able to pick these up at the next show.

Also making her Baby Puppy debut was Karma, Envi Mi Better Than Revenge @ Pinup. Little Karma was such a star - she actually behaved much better than Throne and I can't wait for her to grow up and show with the big dogs.

Mt. Cheam Kennel Club - Chilliwack, BC (February 26-28, 2016)

First day at Mt. Cheam and Sanuye took Best of Breed from the Jr. Puppy class! She showed quite well that first day. Unfortunately day 2 had a ring time of 8:30am. Those of you with Min Pin puppies know how difficult it is to get a puppy to focus on anything except playing and running around for the first few hours of the day and boy did it show in her performance. I'm pretty sure we didn't get more than 1 foot on the floor at any given time. Day 3 was better (late afternoon ring time!) and the judge was very complimentary, but ultimately gave the win to another puppy bitch. Now we know what we need to work on for the next show!

Ladies Kennel Club - Cloverdale, BC (February 6-7, 2016)

Sanuye was entered in the Jr. Puppy class at just 7 months old for her first weekend as a "big girl". She showed very well for a venue she wasn't used to that was very crowded and loud. She had some nice competition and came in as Reserve Winners Bitch both days. Very happy with her first outing.

Mt. Cheam Kennel Club - Chilliwack, BC (September 27, 2015)

We thought we would end our hiatus year with a little fun in the baby puppy ring. I entered Sanuye (a Lucy x Boris daughter) one day only as it is a lot for a 3.5 month old puppy. The week before I was finally able to put her on a lead as her crop was healing well enough for a leash so she really hadn't had much opportunity to get used to it. I was so pleased with her as she was not fazed by the show environment at all! She spent most of the day being passed around from person to person, getting socialized and cuddled. She was the only Baby Puppy entered for Min Pins and I did not hold out a lot of hope in Group as she was still in her racks (which is a technical no-no). The group competition was stiff and was I ever surprised when the judge awarded her Best Baby in Group! So we had to stay a few more hours for Best Baby in Show. She had a small nap, was cuddled a lot more by strangers and then we hit the "big ring" for Best Baby in Show. She was such a rock star - having so much fun, diving for bait while showing on a loose lead and soaking up the applause. I was in tears when the judge pointed to us for Best Baby in Show! My first time showing a baby puppy (and one bred by me no less!) and she went all the way. Now to wait for 2016 and see how she does as a grown up puppy!

2015 Show Season

We are currently taking an hiatus for 2015 in order to spend some quality time in the whelping box. We will be back late in the year or early in 2016!

Mt. Cheam Kennel Club - Chilliwack, BC (September 26-28, 2014)

Lucy went back in the ring after having the summer off and did well, taking Breed all three days. It was nice to see some of the old gang that I haven't seen all summer and can't wait for the next one! To top it all off, Lucy finished her Grand Championship in just 2 shows. She is a pretty remarkable girl.

Portage Kennel Club - Portage La Prairie, MB (July 4-6, 2014)

My two great friends both happen to be dachshund breeders (go figure) and they were attending the Canadian Dachshund Specialty in Portage La Prairie in Manitoba, so Lucy and I decided to head out there as well to have a girls weekend. Lucy did very well earning a Group 2 under respected judge, Mark McMillan-Houston. Not bad for a little girl who just two weeks prior had strained her ACL (ligament in the knee).
My two great friends both happen to be dachshund breeders (go figure) and they were attending the Canadian Dachshund Specialty in Portage La Prairie in Manitoba, so Lucy and I decided to head out there as well to have a girls weekend. Lucy did very well earning a Group 2 under respected judge, Mark McMillan-Houston. Not bad for a little girl who just two weeks prior had strained her ACL (ligament in the knee).

Oceanside Kennel Club - Cloverdale, BC (March 28-30, 2014)

We had a fun weekend in Cloverdale with Lucy and Fonzie. Fonzie did us proud by going Winners Dog and Best of Opposite the first two days followed up with Best of Winners and Best of Opposite to finish his Canadian Championship. Not bad for 2 weekends of work for the guy. Now he can relax and hang at home being a dog for awhile. Lucy acquitted herself well going Best of Breed twice and completing the weekend with a Group 4 in a very competitive group.

Mt. Cheam Canine Association - Chilliwack, BC (February 21-23, 2014)

I think I can safely say that this is now my favourite show! I had a great time helping set up the rings on Thursday afternoon and met some wonderful women who work tirelessly to put on the two shows in Chilliwack every year. I had entered Lucy and Fonzie (for his first time). We had no competition on Friday and much to my surprise, Fonzie beat his mother and then went on to win a Group 3 from the classes! Day 2 was probably the best day I've ever had showing dogs. Lucy started off showing very well and took Best of Breed to complete her championship with a point to spare. Then she went on to rock the Group ring and was chosen as the Toy Group winner, also from the classes! That night I got to play in the Best in Show ring for my first time. I felt completely out of my depth and Lucy was very tired by that time, but we both showed our hears out and I couldn't have been more proud of her. Day 3 was another stellar outing with Lucy winning the Breed and then going on a Group 2 behind the previous days Group 2 winner. At the end of the weekend Lucy is now Am/Can CH Jomax If You Could See Me Now, the #1 Miniature Pinscher in Canada!


Lucy is my little rock star! We entered 3 days at LMDF this year and Lucy went BOB all three! We had three great US judges - Randy Garren, Dennis McCoy and the highly respected Eugene Blake. I can't believe that in just 5 days of showing, Lucy is almost fininshed her championship. I also had the pleasure of having my friend Kim join me with her dachshunds from Saskatchewan. It was so much fun to spend the weekend with her and it made the long days at the show bearable.


I decided to enter our new girl Lucy in Canada just to see if she still had the show temperament. We went for 2 days only as I wasn't sure how she would do, but she blew me away! The first day she went WB and BOS for her first major and then went WB and BOB on her second day! I am so happy with how Lucy is doing in the ring and can't wait until Lower Mainland in 2 weeks.

MT. CHEAM KENNEL CLUB - CHILLIWACK, BC (February 22-24, 2013)

Kermit and Missy hit the ring for their second weekend out. We were disappointed that there wasn't any competition, but they had fun showing against each other. Adam showed Missy for the first time and did a great job. Kermit ended up taking home Best of Breed all three days which was so fun. He is just a blast to have in the ring and even had his own little fan club cheering for him. Stay tuned for his very first win picture!

LADIES KENNEL CLUB - SURREY, BC (January 25-27, 2013)

We had a total blast at this show. Kermit and Missy were entered for their first time at 3 days over 6 months. Missy got WB/BOS the first two days, but was the only girl entered so no points. On Sunday, she went BOW,BOS and Best Puppy for her first points under judge Jack Ireland! I was very proud of her beating all the boys that day. Kermit did very well too. He was at the back of the pack on Friday, but went RWD both Saturday and Sunday over very stiff competition.



Wow! This was a wonderful busy 4 days. On Thursday I entered Turtle just for the day her first time out as a special. She did amazing, especially considering she hasn't been on a lead since October last year. She showed beautifully, taking breed in stiff competition and then going on to make the cut in group and ending up in 5th place, just out of the ribbon. I had many wonderful comments about her from judges and bystanders. Phoenix was entered Friday through Sunday and accomplished what we set out to by finishing her championship on Friday! I couldn't be more proud of my girl and she is officially now retired from the show ring. Next venue - the whelping box!


A nice weekend away from home. I had 4 dachshunds with me that I was showing for a friend and decided to bring Phoenix along for the ride. She did really well and picked up another point. Almost at the end for her and will hopefully finish in July at Pacific.


A busy long weekend spent driving back and forth to the show site. Q and Phoenix were entered and Phoenix showed really well. It seems like I may have finally "cracked" her and she will now show for me. She picked up Winners Bitch on Saturday for 1 point and Best of Winners on Sunday for 2 points and is now halfway to her championship. Q had a rough couple of days on Friday & Saturday and I almost left him home on Sunday, but decided to give him one more shot. He ended up going Best Opposite both Sunday and Monday and seems to have his show spirit back.


Just entered one day this weekend and what a day it was! Q decided to hit the specials ring and started off with a BOB and then went on to take a Group 4 in stiff competition. This win makes him the #2 Min Pin in Canada right now! Hopefully we will get him to a few more shows and keep him up in the standings. He is now 3 1/2 years old and is really at his peak.

LADIES KENNEL CLUB - SURREY, BC (January 28-29, 2012)

Day 1 of the first show of 2012 went well. Wynn and I decided to slow down so it was just the two of us at this show. The judge today was Ms. Jacqueline Rusby from Ontario who gave Wynn Reserve. Ms. Rusby commented that she was a very lovely dog. Wynn showed the best she has shown to date and I couldn't be more pleased.

Day 2 was not so good. Wynn decided for the first time that she would not like the table and was a little monster. Luckily for us the judge was very patient and we worked through it.


Well, the monster show has come and gone and we survived. This was a show of different dogs, different days, multiple specialties including the 2011 Canadian Miniature Pinscher Club National Specialty. Here is a short summary, by day.

THURSDAY - Today we had the Group V Specialty and the All-Breed show. Wynn showed in the Group V Specialty and performed admirably but obviously the judge had different ideas. At the All-Breed show, Phoenix was not on her best form and didn't impress the judge from Russia, but I did handle Kathy Davies' veteran in the Breed ring and took Best of Breed! 

FRIDAY - Today we just had the All-Breed show and it was Turtle's warm-up for the National. She showed her little heart out and went Winners Bitch, Best Puppy and Best Bred-By Exhibitor.

SATURDAY - Today was the big day - National Time! Lucky for us volunteers, the show went off without a hitch. I brought out all the guns for this one and showed Turtle, Wynn, Della (in Brood Bitch) and just for fun - Q as a special. I think the busy centre ring was just a little much for the puppies. They especially did not like the large Wahl poster at the end of the down and back and did not perform to their best. A couple of quick dog changes and it was time for Q to go in for Best in Specialty. We didn't think there was much of a shot, but Q was in fine form and walked away with the only Award of Merit over the #1 and #3 min pin in Canada! I was so thrilled I kept throwing poor Q in the air and then catching him. I can't wait to get the win photo so I can post it (photo now on Q's page!).

SUNDAY - Another All-Breed show on the last day and it was Phoenix's turn again. This time she showed much better and got some real hard looks from the judge. Unfortunately it wasn't to be. Oh well, onwards and upwards. There is always another show just over the horizon.

The best thing I can say about this show is that we had huge Min Pin entries (between 15-18 for the All-Breed shows and 26 for the National!) and great judges and pretty much everyone went home with something. Great supported entry prizes, great company, meeting new people, seeing old friends - nothing beats Tradex!

MT. CHEAM KENNEL CLUB - Chilliwack, BC (September 23-24, 2011)

Turtle and Wynn had a blast at the show this weekend. On Saturday Turtle took WB (there were no class males) for another major as well as BP. Wynn decided to give this whole showing thing a shot and actually walked in the ring for the first time! Couldn't have been happier with her performance. On Sunday Turtle kept up the good work and took breed over a special! She had a very long day and by the time group came around she'd had enough. All in all, a great weekend was had by all.

PACIFIC KENNEL CLUB - Surrey, BC (July 22-24, 2011)

Hazelmere weather was again hot and sunny. Sure glad I had the pop-up there! Turtle & Phoenix made the trek to White Rock and we had a great weekend. Turtle took WB, BP & BOB on Saturday for another major and then Phoenix surprised us all taking WB & BOB on Sunday for her first major! All in all a good time was had spending time with friends and making some new ones. Next show isn't for awhile so we are going to relax and hopefully enjoy some nice summer weather.

COMOX VALLEY KENNEL CLUB - Comox, BC (June 11-12, 2011)

Well, I made the trek to Vancouver Island with my friend Kathy Cameron to get the puppies into the show ring as there are no shows locally until the end of July! Here are the highlights:

Show #1: Turtle shocks us all with her behaviour in the ring - it was perfect! She has a grand time going around and picks up WB, BOW, BOS & BP! Wynn isn't so perfect in the ring, but still managed to pick up a RWB right behind her sister. Just a short while later, Turtle goes back in the ring for Puppy Group and incredibly takes it! What an amazing first show for Turtle and a big thanks to judge Dianne Ivey for recognizing her potential.

Show #2: Turtle once again is an absolute star and comes away with WB, BOS & BP. Wynn is still refusing to put 4 feet on the ground at any one time and I am seriously starting to question why they don't have a "Mexican Jumping Bean" class at least for Min Pins.

Show #3: This was our first show Sunday morning and I think both Turtle and Wynn were feeling the effects from the day before but we were happy to cheer on Kathy as she took WB, BOW, BOS & BP with her girl Emily. Well done Emily!

Show #4: A little more settled, but the fatigue was starting to show. Turtle acquitted herself well picking up a few more points taking WB, BOS & BP. Wynn had given up any pretense of walking or listening to me and was just enjoying bounding around the ring. At least she was having fun!

At the end of the weekend, Turtle almost completed her Championship and I realized that the puppy that needs the most work is the one I thought would behave. Live and learn! Next up - ??????

EASTERN CANADA SHOW - Gananoque, ON (September 11-12, 2010)

This past weekend Q and I made our way to Gananoque, Ontario, for the Eastern Canada Sieger International Show. It was my first time going to an International Show and it sure was fun! Q performed incredibly well earning 4 - V1 ratings and attaining his UCI International Championship on September 12th. He also performed well in the Group ring getting 2 Group 3 placings. We are so proud of this boy and we will definitely return to this show next year with some others to see how they will do.

UNITED GREYHOUND CLUB - Welland, ON (August 14-15, 2010)

Stuart made his UKC debut in Welland with a stunning Group 1 placement his first time in the ring! Thank you to breeder judge Marion Campbell for this great win. Stuart then went on to another Group 4 and almost completed his championship. Hopefully we will find another UKC show close to home soon so he can get it done!

VALLEY KENNEL CLUB - Lombardy, ON (July 20-21, 2010)

On Monday, Q took the Breed and then made the cut in Group once again while Stuart took Best Puppy and went on to win the Puppy Group! A special thanks to judge Mark Houston-McMillan for this honour.

On Tuesday, Stuart took Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed and then went on to make the cut in Group for the first time. He is really coming into his own.


Q made his Specials debut by making the cut in an extremely tough group under respected judge, Richard Meen. Well done Q!

Stuart went on to take Best Puppy in Breed on Saturday and Sunday (the only days he was entered) as well as Best of Breed on Saturday.

OXFORD COUNTY KENNEL CLUB - Woodstock, ON (July 9-11, 2010)

FRIDAY: Despite the rain today (but thankfully cooler temperatures), Della showed her heart out and took Best of Winners with some stiff competition. Hopefully our luck will continue the rest of the weekend!

SATURDAY: Today Della was once again in fine form, first going WB and then proceeding to take the breed over 2 specials, including the #3 Min Pin in Canada. Way to go Della!

ERIE SHORES KENNEL CLUB - Caledonia, ON (June 3-6, 2010)

Wow! What an exhausting show weekend. 4 days of either intense heat or rain all while struggling with a case of pneumonia. Couldn't have done it without "Show Dad". 

Stuart finished his Championship taking BOW and BP on day one and continued his run taking WD the remainder of the weekend. Della did not show the entire weekend but did pick up BOW, BOS and BP on Friday for another 2 points.

FOREST CITY KENNEL CLUB - Simcoe, ON (May 14 & 16, 2010)

We had a very good two days in Simcoe. Stuart took BOB and BP both days and on May 16th he won BPIG! Way to go Stuart. We are so proud and thankful to Myrna Keyser for allowing us to have this amazing dog. He is everything we could have hoped for.

Thank you also to Judge Ron Mahon for awarding this to Stuart over other MBPIG winning dogs. Stuart is really beginning to shine.

NORFOLK KENNEL CLUB - Simcoe, ON (April 4, 2010)

Stuart was entered only the one day at Norfolk Kennel Club and performed so well he was awarded Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed.  The judge (Ana Eugenia Vazquez Lievano) made excellent comments on his structure and his behaviour in the ring. He is so steady that no one would ever guess he was a puppy!

Also, big congratulations go out to Stuart's littermate - Teralea's Smooth Operator on his BPIG at Renaissance Dog Show in BC. Way to go Nick! It must run in the family.


Della and Stuart both did amazing at Purina. Stuart took WD & BOS all three days and took Best Puppy for 2 days. On Saturday he got amazing comments from his judge for Puppy Group.  Keep checking for Stuart's first win photo as he is now pointed to his Canadian Championship.


ELGIN COUNTY KENNEL CLUB - London, ON (January 16-17, 2010)

Della had a good show. Showing against only specials, she did not take breed, but showed the best she has to date. She got some really good looks from both judges and is improving daily.

ELORA GORGE KENNEL CLUB - Kitchener, ON (December 27 - 29, 2009)

Della had a great  first show. She did very well in the ring and got better each day. We are proud of her first foray into the world of showing.

TRILLIUM DOG FANCIERS - Etobicoke, ON (October 31 & November 1, 2009)

Q had his best show ever! He took breed the first day over three specials! Then on day two, he took WD, BW & BOS to complete his Canadian Championship! We are so proud of this little guy. 

LONDON CANINE ASSOCIATION - Tillsonburg, ON (October 17-18, 2009)

Q had another great show at London. We seem to be on a roll! He took WD and BOS on day one and then WD, BOW & BOS on day two!

WINE COUNTRY KENNEL CLUB - Welland, ON (October 9 & 12, 2009)

We had a good show at Wine Country - our first show in Ontario! Q took WD & BOS on both days he was entered. A good debut close to home.