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AmGCHS CanCH C's Envi Mi Rookie Of The Year CA NS "Reggie" (CHIC)

We are thrilled to have Reggie join us here at Pinup. Reggie has had an extensive show career in the USA and is now out for limited showing in Canada.
Reggie recently completed all required health testing (and then some) to obtain his CHIC number. Reggie already has many American Champion offspring and he is looking forward to siring some outstanding litters for us here.
In between conformation shows, Reggie has been dabbling in the performance world and has come away with his Chase Ability title (CA) and his Novice Sprinter title (NS) in just 2 months!

Health Testing

Date of Birth: November 18, 2014
AmGCHG Envi Mi The Quarterback X AmCH C's Spiced Just Right