Pinup Miniature Pinschers

Defining Style, Grace and Elegance


We do not currently have any available puppies however we do have an older rescue female who is looking for a home.
This is Layla. Layla is a beautiful, 11 year old black and tan female who is CKC registered however we do not have her papers. While she may be 11 on paper, no one told her she was 11 and so she continues to act like she is a teenager. She even exhausts my young dogs trying to play with them. Unfortunately Layla came from a situation where she had an eye condition that was untreated for at least a year that we are aware of. Due to this, she has lost her sight and requires twice daily eye drops. She is still under veterinary care and her vet is not sure if she will regain her sight or not. We have had her spayed and her teeth done and otherwise she is in now in fabulous condition. Her coat shines, her teeth sparkle and she likes nothing better than to cuddle on the couch or play in the yard. As much of her history is unknown, at this point a home with young children may not be suitable. She gets along well with other dogs and despite her loss of eyesight she gets around just fine. Within a few hours of being in our home she had mastered the yard, the stairs in and out of the yard, jumping up on the couch and finding all the cozy sleeping areas. There really isn't anything this dog can't do. If you are interested in learning more, please pop us an email! Layla is located in the Fraser Valley, BC and we will not ship this girl. She would need to meet and approve of her perspective new home in person!
Due to our recent bad luck with conceiving and our ever growing waitlist, we have 2 litters planned for this fall (2019). If you are interested in more information on these litters or to be added to our waitlist, please contact us.
We are always happy to provide referrals to other reputable breeders as well!

Our primary goal is to raise all of our puppies to be well-socialized companions and pets with vibrant good health. We spend extensive time with the puppies from day one, giving them the input needed to help them develop.

What should you expect from a Pinup puppy? You should expect a lifetime of love and companionship. When your pup comes home with you, he or she will come with everything they need to start their life with you including a crate (a suitable size to last a lifetime), bedding, leash and collar, toys, blanket and enough food to last 2-3 weeks. The pup will be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and come with 6 weeks of pet insurance. All my pups come with a lifetime genetic guarantee. If for any reason your pup develops a genetic issue, I will replace that pup from the next available litter.

What do you need to get a new puppy? You need to be able provide your pup with love, affection, exercise and companionship. Dogs are incredibly social animals and are not meant to be alone for long periods of time. Min Pins especially need a lot of exercise - whether it is going for a walk, running in the park or playing with toys at home, they need to be stimulated and kept engaged.

Our puppies begin their days in our bedroom and as they open their eyes and begin to move around we move them down into the kitchen in the middle of daily life. They are held and loved and exposed to all of the noise and fun of a bustling household. We are proud to follow the Puppy Culture method of raising exceptional puppies. More information can be found on the Puppy Culture website.

All our puppies and adults are naturally reared with limited use of vaccines, no kibble or chemical flea treatments. They are fed a diet of raw meaty bones (RMB) and a variety of meat and organs. We began to feed raw over 10 yrs ago after trying a variety of high quality kibbles. I was just not satisfied with my dogs general health.  I had heard of raw feeding for years and decided to make the change. They now all have shiny coats, no itchy ears, healthy teeth and unbounded energy. Our puppies first food is ground meat and a bit of organic goats milk. It is not long before they are devouring bones and chunks of meat.  Our desire is to find homes for our puppies where they will continue to be fed a raw diet and kept minimally vaccinated.

I believe in allowing mother nature to take it's course when raising puppies. Both the mother and littermates play a big part in early socialization and learning. Consequently, my pups are not sent to their new homes prior to 10-12 weeks of age. For me there is no magical number or timeline, each litter and indeed each pup may be different and require different things.

I have recently come across an excellent article with 10 questions you should ask your breeder AFTER you have already decided they are reputable and you think you would like to purchase a puppy from them. I encourage everyone to read this and ask the questions - whether it be me or another breeder. 10 QUESTIONS YOU MUST ASK YOUR BREEDER.