Pinup Miniature Pinschers

Defining Style, Grace and Elegance


UPDATE #11 - All these beautiful pups are now spoken for. Stay tuned for updates on how these pups are doing.

UPDATE #10 - It looks like we have one or two pups still available. Rogue is a very sweet, active little black & rust girl. She is super friendly and loves to give hugs and kisses. Turtle is a beautiful clear red girl who loves to cuddle up and get lots of attention. Updated pictures will be posted soon.

UPDATE #9 - The puppies are all doing so well. Their personalities are really starting to emerge and each one is unique. Evaluations are being done this Sunday (January 9th) and then we will decide which pups will be staying with us and if there are any additional ones available. Stay tuned for the next update!

UPDATE #8 - Well, it's Christmas time and for all the new moms & dads, here are some Christmas videos for you. Hope everyone has a great holiday season!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

UPDATE #7 - My how the pups are growing. They are so cute and playful now. When they really get going they make this cute sound - kind of a cross between a cat and a bird.

UPDATE #6 - Here is the pedigree for these beautiful pups.



Can CH Teralea’s Storm Chaser 

Color: Stag Red

Am/Can CH Wannabee First Edition For TR 

Am CH Bubic Sunnyside Thunder Road 

AmCH Labell Walkin’ On Sunshine HR

Am CH Bubic Sunnyside Black With Sugar HR

Am CH Shorewoods Rain Delay HOF

BISA/BISS AmCH Shorewoods Chase The Wind 

BISS AmCH Sunbrook Rain Dancer HR

Can CH Teralea’s Wild As The Wind 

Can CH Wannabee Dexter Dances Dirty 

BISA/BISS AmCH Shorewoods Chase The Wind 

BISS AmCH Wannabee Dancing For Sis HR

Can CH Aztex Winning Charm For Teralea 

Am CH Marlex Mariachi HOF (38)

CH Aztex Winning Ways 


Can CH Teralea’s Showcase for Jordan 

Color: Stag Red

Am CH Wannabee Chasing Daydreams 

Am CH Wannabee Chasing Rainbows 

BISA/BISS AmCH Shorewoods Chase The Wind 

AmCH Wannabee Dancing For Dollars HR

 Wannabee Dancing For Dimes HR

Am CH Wannabee Rockets Red Glare 

Am CH Sunbrook War Bonnet 

Am Can CH Teralea’s Walk On The Wild Side 

Am/Can CH Aztex Hans Solo 

Am CH Marlex Mariachi HOF (38)

Am CH Aztex Not A Shock To Kloeber HOF (8)

Can CH Teralea’s Wild Irish Rose 

Can CH Satins Clancy Chance Teralea 

Can CH Kleins Miss Daytona Steps Out 

UPDATE #5 - The pups are getting bigger and more agile. They have started trying to eat Mom's food and spend a lot more time playing with each other. Some new videos are now on YouTube.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

UPDATE #4 - The pups all have their eyes open now. They are really moving around, walking on their own, and climbing out of any bed they have. We have posted a couple of videos on YouTube so you can see them moving.

Puppy Video 1

Puppy Video 2

UPDATE #3 - The pups are huge! They are growing and changing so much every day. Mom seems to be getting bored lying around feeding them all the time. Now she wants out to play with the boys for awhile.

UPDATE #2The puppies have had their tails & dewclaws removed and behaved very well. No squeaking at all. They are all gaining weight and are quite active for their age. At this point, 3 are already spoken for.

UPDATE #1 - Pups are here! Proud parents Stuart & Della are both fine and all 5 pups are healthy. There is 1 black/rust boy, 2 black/rust girls, 1 clear red girl & 1 stag red girl. As expected, everyone is about ready for a nap after a very long night so more pics will be posted later.



We are expecting! Pups will be here in November 2010.