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Two Thousand Fifteen

Posted by Webmaster on February 15, 2015 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

I cannot believe it has been so long since I have written a blog. There have been a lot of changes in the last 6 months. Lucy finished her only year of showing in Canada as the #4 Min Pin in Canada! I am so proud of all she accomplished in such a short year - only a handful of shows. She obtained her Championship and Grand Championship in record time. Now she is retiring to the whelping box and will be bred on her next season.

In other news, Fonzie also finished the year in the top 10 - at #9! Not bad for a dog that only showed two weekends just to get his Canadian Championship. So nice to have two dogs in the top 10!

This year has seen a new face around the house - we are so pleased to welcome "Boris" - Wannabee Biker Boris - to our home all the way from Missouri. I am so grateful to Jamie Berg for allowing him to come and live with us permanently. He will be our new "main stud" for the next few years.

We will not be hitting the shows much this year. We may take Boris for a spin around the ring, but other than that, everyone else is retired from the show ring. Q may hit the ring in the fall as a Veteran - I can't believe he is almost 7 years old! This year will be a "breeding" year - we are planning 2 litters, one in the spring and one in the fall, as long as the girls cooperate on timing. We are really excited about the new puppies that will be arriving and of course we will be sharing them here on our website and on our blog.

Happy New Year everyone!


Posted by Webmaster on August 21, 2014 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

We have had a surprisingly busy summer even though there have been no shows. The pups are now almost 14 weeks old and Cairo has gone to his new home with Brittany & Jordan in Regina. He has settled in really well with them and they are very happy to finally have him in their arms.


In other good news, Frankie has found a wonderful home with Larcon and his wife. My fellow breeder Pat had an inquiry and after much back and forth with her and Larcon, it was decided that they would be able to provide a perfect home for Frankie. Lorcan spends summers in Ottawa and the rest of the year at their home in Merida, Mexico on the Yucatan peninsula. As luck would have it, they were in Victoria visiting with friends and we arranged to meet Lorcan at the ferry terminal where he picked up Frankie.  It was very nice to meet him and his calm presence seemed to keep Frankie in a calm state. We wish them all the best in their future life together.

All the other dogs are doing well. We still have little Chachi available and looking for his forever home. He is growing up nicely and has developed quite the little personality. He is almost 100% house trained and has been going on walks at the lake and getting very well socialized. I would so love to see this boy find a wonderful forever home that will love and appreciate him for the rest of his life.


We have also made the decision to spay and place 2 of our girls - Turtle and Della. These two wonderful girls would make excellent companions and deserve their own homes where they will be loved and spoiled. You can see more information about these girls on my Available page.

We hope the nice summer weather we have been having will continue for as long as possible into September and we will have more photos and outings to update you all about!

Rainy Weekend

Posted by Webmaster on June 29, 2014 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (0)

The weather hasn't been great this weekend, but there was sun during the week so the pups had their first outdoor experience.  The boys sure did enjoy the sunshine and even started eating some grass.

Today we decided it was time for the pups to be introduced to the older dogs. We have done a little time with one adult at a time, but this was the first time they got to explore the entire living room and kitchen on their own with all the dogs out and running about. Of course the adults were all great as they always have been, but we do have a few new additions since our last litter so always best to use caution.

We found out that one boy (Chachi) really likes shoes! I guess we will be doing the puppy shuffle for the next little while when they are out.

On a sadder note, I have been waiting to measure Frankie again until he hit one year old. At 6 months he was right at the top of the standard at 12 1/2" tall and he was sticking pretty close to that for awhile. Unfortunately he hit another growth spurt in the last couple of months and now that he has finished growing, he measures oversize at 13 1/4".  While some breeders might consider keeping him as a stud dog, I do not like to use anything in my breeding program that doesn't conform to the standard and therefore cannot hit the show ring. So now Frankie is available to a loving pet home. Frankie is a wonderful red boy with the most amazing loving personality. He is incredibly athletic and graceful and would make a wonderful agility or rally prospect. He has boundless energy and loves attention. Please contact me at if you are interested in having a fabulous new boy in your life.

Fathers Day 2014

Posted by Webmaster on June 21, 2014 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Last weekend we had a lovely Fathers Day brunch with my sister and her family and of course my dad! Haven't seen everyone together in awhile so good to get us all in the same room. We took the boys for their first outing and they were little superstars. They absolutely adored all the attention and being passed from person to person. Talk about overload of puppy cuteness!

Scar also came along to visit his cousin Lauryn who he obviously missed!

We are also very pleased to announce that Phoenix has found her forever home with Beth and Brent. You may remember me mentioning them a few weeks ago when they came to visit the puppies and meet the dogs. They just fell in love with Phoenix and really wanted a black & rust dog so it was a match made in heaven. We have done a slow transition with Phoenix as they live so close, but she has been with them now full time for 5 days and has adjusted beautifully. Today we met up and went for a walk at the lake and while Phoenix was happy to see us (and Scar and Frankie who came along), she was just as happy with them. It is so nice to see her so happy and content. We will be keeping in close touch and seeing her a lot so we aren't too sad about her not being here anymore. For all those people who think that older dogs don't adjust to new homes and bond with new families, just check with Beth and Brent! I'm sure they will tell you just how wonderful an older dog can be (not to mention that pesky puppy training time!). We wish them all the best for a long and happy life together. This is Phoenix not long before she moved to live with Brent & Beth.

Growing Like Weeds

Posted by Webmaster on June 7, 2014 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (2)

Things have settled into quite the routine here. The pups have opened their eyes and are toddling around on their little legs. We are just about a week from my favourite time with puppies. Turtle seems to be just about done being a mom. It's strange for me as Della was the complete opposite and never wanted to be away from her babies. Turtle wants to spend more and more time away from them. Hanging in the yard or cuddling on the couch.

The rest of the dogs are now used to the pups being in the kitchen. I like to move them out around 2 weeks old so they can get used to the hustle and bustle of regular life early on. We had a bit of a change today as Brent and Beth came to visit and meet the pups. They are a lovely couple with a wonderful calm energy that the dogs and pups really responded to.

On another note, Lucy and I booked our flight for our trip out of town in early July! Can't wait to meet up with some old friends, show some doxies (and Lucy) and have a wonderful long weekend. Our very first road trip together and it has also been years for me since I travelled out of town for a show. Can't wait!!

The First Week

Posted by Webmaster on May 24, 2014 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (0)

We have made it through the first week! I finally got a decent nights sleep last night and was so happy the dogs let me sleep in this morning. The pups are doing just awesome - I've been calling them #1 Son and #2 Son as it seems to fit. They had their tails & dew claws done and barely a squeak between them.

#1 Son - clear red (but quite dark)

#2 Son - stag red (really dark, but hard to see in photos)

While the pups were eating and sleeping (that's all they pretty much do) the rest of the dogs were outside enjoying the nice weather. Every day they are begging to play Frisbee or fetch of any kind which basically turns into "chase Frankie". He's always first to grab and run.

Fonzie, Frankie & Della with the Frisbees

Della waiting for the throw

Q licking his lips - he obviously found a yummy bug in that deep grass

We Have Pups!!

Posted by Webmaster on May 18, 2014 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, after a very long 2 years, we are so happy to once again have the little squeaks heard around the house. Turtle has her pups yesterday (May 17th) and we are happy with our two red boys. One is so dark, I was convinced he was black, but obviously it was not meant to be this litter.

Here are the boys at just a few hours old.

Day 2 is well underway and the boys have both gained weight and look like they will be good eaters. Getting nice plump little bellies already. Turtle is being an excellent mom keeping them warm and fed. She has recovered nicely from her labour and is keeping busy watching over the boys. Not too crazy and overdoing it, just the right amount of doting.

Here they are gorging at the milk bar.

If there is one thing that will always be true about me, it is that I am obsessed with my puppies. You may see more blogs from me over the coming weeks as they grow and get even cuter (if that is possible!), but it will most likely be all about the puppies!!

Spring Has Sprung

Posted by Webmaster on April 14, 2014 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Spring has definitely finally arrived. The grass is growing incredibly fast and the lawn mower has been tuned up and is enjoying being back out in the sun.

It has been a quiet few weeks here - we have had a visitor for about a week now. Little Ruby is a long haired dachshund who is with us through the April show cluster. She is a delightful little girl who has been giving Frankie a run for his money. Pretty soon she will be on her way east to Kim who will no doubt fall in the love the minute she sees her.

In other news, we have found a wonderful home for Phoenxi! She will be heading waayyyy east to the Maritimes to start a new life with Colleen. I am so happy that things have worked out and that she will be giving a start to a new breeder/exhibitor. I can't wait to get lots of updates and see little Phoenix babies hitting the show ring next year.

Our old man in the house, Scar, just had his 11th birthday this week. He is just as big a goofball as ever and wherever he goes, people ask if he is just a puppy. They are always surprised when we say his real age.

As some of you may have noticed, we are expecting our first litter in almost 2 years! Our fist homebred Champion Turtle has been bred to Fonzie and we are expecting pups the May long weekend. I absolutely love spring puppies as they get to be outside running around and playing in the sunshine. I just know that we will find amazing homes for the ones we are not keeping. Every litter I am so happy with where our pups go - their new homes are just so special and everyone is so happy.

I had an update from one of our Della/Stuart pups in Toronto, Uzi. He has started his professional modelling career and participated in a photo shoot for Cesar's Dog Food. He got to dress up and be an egg! The photos I got from the shoot were absolutely adorable and he was obviously behaving very well. Too bad my phone crapped out on me and I lost them all :(. Next up for him is a big family move to Florida. I'm sure he will adore the sunshine and will soon be strutting his stuff on the beach. We will all be very jealous of him next winter for sure.

Snow Day!!

Posted by Webmaster on March 2, 2014 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (0)

You would think as we head into March that snow days would be a thing of the past. Unfortunately for us, we have had a bit of a whopper of a snow storm this weekend. The dogs of course are loving it - the snow is nice and dry and powdery and they are having a blast playing in the snow. I took a whole bunch of photos and have uploaded them as a movie on You Tube so that you can see what happens when pins get some fun in the snow. You can view the video here -

Water bottle + Min Pin puppy = ADORABLE!!!

Show Season Is Off To A Great Start!!

Posted by Webmaster on February 24, 2014 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

After what seemed like a very long 3 months, we finally got back into the swing of things with our first dog show of 2014. My goal for this show was to get Lucy the last point she needed for her championship. Of course, things never go to plan and the first day in the ring, Fonzie took the breed over his mother and then went on to get a Group 3 from the classes! I was so proud of my boy, but Lucy seemed a little upset with him.

Day 2 went more according to my plan and Lucy took the breed which gave her the last point she needed plus an extra spare point just in case. Adam had been with me helping show the dogs but was not feeling well, so in the break between breed showing and Group showing, I drove him and Fonzie home and went back to show Lucy in Group. Lucy was on fire and walked into the Group ring like she owned it. I was blissfully off in my own world when my friend Chris whispered in my ear "Would you stack that dog up! The judge keeps looking at you.". A great reminder for me to constantly show the dog, even when you think the judge is busy doing something else! Of course, right on cue, Lucy starts acting like a crazy min pin and won't settle, but jumps and plays and just enjoys herself. Imagine my surprise when the judge points to us first! There was a brief moment of panic and then things seemed to go black. I managed to gratefully accept my first in Group ribbon and stammer out a thank you to the judge and all the exhibitors who congratulated me. I managed to hold back the tears until we were out of the ring too which is always good. Once the blood started flowing to the brain again, I realized I had to show her again for Best in Show. Lucy and I had fun - she really enjoys the attention. Even though we didn't win the coveted Best in Show ribbon, she will always be my own Best in Show.

Day 3 was equally exciting - Lucy again took the breed after being moved up to the Specials class. She then went on to acquit herself quite nicely and took a Group 2. All in all, I was very proud of her and what she has accomplished in such a short time.  Originally I had planned on only showing her until she got her title, but I think we may continue to have her out in the shows as she is having a blast doing it and right now she is the #1 Min Pin in Canada which is pretty cool too!